The Geronimo Vision

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To be recognised as Australia’s best skydiving experience!

How do we do this?

√ Provide the best customer service,

√ Jump in the best locations,

√ Produce the highest quality videos on the market,

√ Maintain impeccable safety standards, and

√ Have the most FUN!

What makes Geronimo the best skydiving experience guaranteed? Simple.

Whether you’re a holidaymaker in the city or a local, skydiving in Perth, WA is something you should not miss. Be a skydiver for a day if you want to test your courage or you just want to get your fix of adrenaline rush. We have a team of trained and experienced Skydive Instructors that will help you appreciate the beauty and thrill of freefall.

Skydiving in Busselton and Rottnest Island

With Perth Skydiving Experts, Skydive Geronimo, you can tandem skydive from 15,000ft over 2 of WA’s most outstanding beach getaway locations, Busselton and Rottnest Island. From either location, you will get incredible views of WA’s majestic coastline, before landing on the beach. Your photos will be amazing!

Land on the beach

Skydive in Perth over Western Australia’s finest beaches for an experience you will never forget. From above, you will see the contrasting shades of ocean blue against the white sandy beaches of Geographe Bay and Rottnest Island.

Friends and family can meet you on the beach, ready to give you a high-five and congratulate you on your life-changing leap!

Have a drink on us

After your skydive, enjoy a complimentary beer or wine to celebrate at a beachside bar and restaurant. Skydiving is thirsty work!

Get excited!

Experience freefall with Skydive Geronimo. To learn more about how we can make this exciting experience possible, get in touch with our customer service department. You may visit this site’s other pages to meet our team and find out about our skydiving in Perth prices.

Check out these pics!

  • Emily and Glenn tandem skydiving over Rottnest Island
  • Geronimo-8
  • Geronimo-7
  • Geronimo-6
  • Savannah over Bickley Bay, Rottnest.
  • Glenn and Kevin over Rottnest Island